Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tueday Jan. 26th - Venturing Outside the City

We started day three of our Journey with fantastic weather as we traveled out of Cape town to the Blackenberg Dairy. This 4th generation dairy is operated by three brothers and our tour was led by Phillip Blackenberg. The operation consisted of milking 700 head of Holstein cows 3 times a day in a 60 stall, rotary parlor. Additionally, they farm 3,000 hectors of wheat, maize (corn), clover, canola, and oats. Along with the dairy, they also run 1,200 merino sheep and 118 head of Aberdeen Angus cows. The modern housing that was built early 2000's, has helped to increase the milk production of the cows. Their biggest struggles continue to be water quality and effective ways to purify it.

We next traveled to the Kanonkop Wine Estate. Along with spectaticular views, this 100 Hector winery is operated by Aubie Beeslaar. They produce 60-70,000-12 bottle cases of red wines a year; with 60% of the wine being exported to 40 different countries. Our visit included a trip through the fermention process followed by a wine tasting in the cellar.

Our travels next took us to the city of Stellenbosch where had lunch followed by a visit to the Kayamandi Township. This experience was very eye-opening as the poverty in this township was overwhelming. Between 35-40% of the persons who live here are unemployed. The education of the young children is challenging as well due to lack of qualified teachers and lack of discipline. Sandile and Monica Elaud shared with us the stories of the township, but also shared there optimism they have for the future of townships like this, as well as South Africa.

We finished our touring for the day by learning about the Malay people. We visited a shop operated by Asine Amhmed where he sells Indian and Malaysian spices.

We enjoyed our time in the Cape Town area and people we have met. Later tomorrow our travels will take us up to Johannesburg for more great experiences.

Here's to day four. Nicolien, Shirley, and Adam


  1. You guys look like a bunch of tourists, hee hee.

  2. I totally agree with Pat. Talk about a bunch of tourists. Jason: your group reminds me of the group in Hawaii sitting by the pool in jeans, cowboy boots and hats.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip especially the warm weather.

  3. Claire thinks that the dogs belong in the movie the "Sandlot".

  4. Good looking bunch of Dakotan's there, at least the dogs think so!