Sunday, January 16, 2011

Report from Pohuetal Farms Visit

Pohuetal Farms is near Dannevirke NZ. The manager is John Held.

Pohuetal Farms is 6,500 acres with over 13,500 sheep, 3,500 finishing lambs, 2,300 young ewes and 2,000 cattle either red angus or Red Stabilizers. They are using a bull that Bill Slovek produced on his ranch near Philip, S.D.
They use Leachman genetics. Also finish Friesian bulls for processing beef.This operation is run much like our research stations with a lot of research conducted here including taste tests on lambs fed various forage diets as many of the lamb carcasses are shipped to UK.

They have a contract with McDonalds, which uses their beef. Cattle are priced/contracted two years in advance.

My favorite saying from John is “ The knob way over there is somewhere near our boundary”.

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