Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Day 2: Arrival and introduction to Santiago, Capital of Chile

February 11th

As the sun arose through the windows of our Boeing 777, SDARL Class VII found themselves landing in Santiago Chile at 10:30 am this morning.  After a nine hour flight from Dallas, we were ready to stretch, get our bags and begin the first Day of our international seminar in the country of Chile.
Once through customs and retrieving our Luggage, we were off to meet our guide, Fred and his accompanying bus driver Hose.  These are both very talented leaders in their own right and we are in very good hands.
Class VII at arrival at the hotel in Santiago
 Today brought some free time after we checked into the Motel.  This time was used by some to look at the local sites of Down Town Santiago and by others to just get some rest and collect themselves before the “Introduction To Chile” this evening.  However, all of us found the exchange center to exchange the American Dollars for Pesos.
The ladies of SDARL Class VII ready for an authentic evening out in Chile
We were promised that Class VII was going to get an introduction to the Chilean culture of Food and Dance.  Well, we were in for a surprise.  A diverse variety of authentic foods were offered.
 Next Class VII was greeted with a local band that played and serenaded us with the Local Chilean music and dance.  Class VII was introduced to the "Cueca", an authentic Chilean dance that is supposed to represent the Rooster chasing the Hen.  Where the man courts the lady but the lady plays hard to get but in the end, the two dancers come together.  Magical to watch and some of the members of Class VII put their talents on the line and participated in this authentic Chilean dancing display.  This was magic as well.
All is well with Class VII in Chile!

Alan Hojer