Thursday, June 11, 2015

Black Hills Seminar - Grasslands and Grazing

Thursday, June 11

On our last day of our Black Hills seminar, we gathered at the Black Hills National Forest Service Office.  Physical resource staff member, Ralph Adam, shared about how the 1.5 million acre Black Hills Forest got established in 1897. Without the staff doing the greatest good for the greatest number, we would not have the forest and grasslands to provide recreation and habitat for the fish and wildlife.

A panel consisting of four ranchers and Mark Vedder, a rangeland management specialist, discussed different federal land permits.The panel discussed how the coordination with state agencies, grazing permitees, timber industries and other revelant parties can be helpful in the overall management plan.

Roger Gates with SDSU research spoke on the importance of grassland management and grazing livestock in diverse environment conditions.The practice of good land stewardship also includes replenishing the earth. 

Sandy Osterman and Corey Johannsen, Reporters