Saturday, February 26, 2011

Friday, February 25 Visit to Shepherd Elementary

Friday morning was drizzly and cool. The group headed several miles north of the White House to Sheperd Elementary, where prior SDARL classes have presented for many years. It is a time that both groups look forward to. Members talked about life in South Dakota, agriculture, and about where our food comes from.

Friday afternoon, class members went out and about in groups of two or three to visit farm and animal welfare organizations, government watchdog groups and environmental agencies. At the end of the afternoon the class came together to review the lessons of the day.

The week was rounded out by taking in the Capital Steps show, political sattire skits put together by primarily former legislative staffers.

Saturday's flights are scheduled for departure at 9:45 ET with everyone expected back in Sioux Falls and Rapid City mid afternoon.

Class members Susie Odden & John Schallenkamp

Class member Sarah Jorgensen

Class member Sal Roseland and Rebecca Rink

Class members Clint Ridley & Kari VanderWal

Class member Tyler Melroe

Class member Noelle Harding

Class member John Schaeffer

Class members Connie Groop and "Dr. Dirt" aka Joey Hanson

Class members Ron Brownotter & Todd Mortensen

Class member Corey Eberhart

Class member Tammy Basel

Class member Jon Nelson & John Kopriva

Rae Jean entertains Pre-K children

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