Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday, February 23, 2011 USDA & Capitol Visits

SDARL Class 6 toured Wednesday February 23, USDA. 

FSA/Farm loans
We learned that FSA has a limited budget, and funds are only being used for opperating loans. $343,000,000 approved farm ownership loans are on hold. 

Overview of Global crop analysis
During the early 70's, the USSR had crop failures unknown to the World and dramatically increased commodity prices. To level the playing field the US began estimating foreign crop production in 1979.
We also learned that China is having a major drought, and the wheat outlook in their country looks grim.
45% of their production is currently under extreme, severe, moderate drought.

FSA/Farm Bill
Lynn Tjeerdsman, a South Dakota native, now assistant deputy administrator for farm programs.
86% of the farm bill is for food assistance, and 14% is for ag.

Climate Change 
This division of USDA intergrates information to other divisions. He gave us books that outlined the new plan for 2010.

Staff from
Senator Johnson
Representative Noem
Senator Thune
These representatives expressed with us the issues of  2011. Ethonal, EPA, Budget, Farm Bill, and Government shut down. Sounds like we will have a 2008 Farm Bill. Ethonal still need to be taught to the new members of congress.  They also gave us a tour of the Capital.  This was a great expirence for Class 6. 
We are meeting up with another Ag group from Washington state tonight for supper.

Glen Crawford and Sal Roseland

Mary Ellen Cammack

Class VI in USDA

Class at USDA - Williamsburg Room

USDA Visit



Legislative Briefing at the US Capitol

Sen. Thune's Policy Advisor, Brendon Plack

Capitol Tour

Capitol Tour

Capitol Tour

Lunch at Executive Dining Room at USDA

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