Monday, February 13, 2012

Sunday, February 12

We started our day with what else – breakfast. Some chose to enjoy the buffet at the Rosedale Hotel and some enjoyed a good old fashioned McDonald’s breakfast – just like home.  Then we took a one- hour bus ride to Dongling Grain and Oil Company, LTD at Guangdong Province.  They are a soybean crushing facility and also deal in the real estate and hotel management and aluminum businesses. They currently crush 1.5 million metric tones annually. They are currently adding more crushing capacity, which will be operating late in 2012. Once that is operating they will be crushing around 300,000 bushel per day.  Relate that to the SD crop, that would mean they could have crushed 73% of the 2011 soybean crop. They are on a port and can unload vessles up to 3000 MT capacity.

We then visited a Feed Research Fish Farm. On this farm, they do feed trials on tilapia, grass carp, sea bass and shrimp. The biggest challenges for fish farmers are disease and cost of feed.  The Haid Group is the company this fish farm works with on feed research. Haid Group also invited us for a tour of their facility. They showed us their feed line which includes premix, shrimp feed, floating feed, feed for freshwater fish, their poultry lines feeds, and supplements. Their main ingredients are fish meal, soybean meal, canola meal and DDG. The majority of their ingredients are imported from the USA. We ended the day with supper on our own. Some enjoyed steak and some enjoyed more of the China cuisine and checking out the street vendors and markets after supper.

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