Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday, February 16, Vietnam

This morning we went to Ho-Chi-Minh complex. This is where Ho-Chi-Minh himself lays in state. We walked around the complex looking at his living quarters, cars, and gardens. One highlight of this visit was all of the school kids visiting the same place. They like to say hello!

Next we headed off to the local market! This market was quite fun, they had meat, veggies, and fruit! After the visit at the market we had a wonderful lunch at Nguviquan 5 Spice Restraunt, this was very good!

As we type today's blog we are sitting at the airport waiting our flight to Ho-Chi-Minh City (commonly known as Saigon)!

Sarah Jorgensen, Kari Vanderwal, Jim Kopriva

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