Friday, January 9, 2015

Flying cows

Jan. 8: At Ponohola Ranch outside of Hawi, it was fascinating to learn how cattle are handled on a piece of land that runs from the ocean to the mountains. The area two miles wide and 10 miles long is in the hands of fifth and sixth generation ranchers. Sabrina White is the assistant manager of the commerical cow/calf oeration with Angus and Charolais cattle. She described how calves are shipped to the United States when they are around 400 pounds to feedyards for finishing. The animals either go in special containers that go on boats for seven days or they fly on a 747 jet, about 120 animals weighing 100,000 lbs.There is more interest in raising the animals to finished weight in Hawaii. The feed on the mainland such as hay and corn aren't available to the aimals in Hawaii. 
She also discussed grazing practices and water issues.