Thursday, January 9, 2014

Adios Argentina! Hola Chile!!

JANUARY 8, 2014

Liniers Livestock Auction Tour

Our final tour in Argentina took us to the Liniers Livestock Market located right on the boarder of Buenos Aires and one of its suburbs, Mataderos. Here we were able to walk the 84 acres stockyard and see the auctioneers and buyers in action. Only animals for slaughter are sold at Liniers, the only livestock market left in the country.

At Liniers there are 2200 pens and 140,000 animals sold each month.

We were able to get a good look at that animals for sale
yesterday by walking over the pens at the  livestock market.
The auctioneer and the buyers move from pen to pen as the live action takes place.
Each pen take no longer than 20-30 seconds to sell, and then they move on
to the next pen. There are 55 auctioneers and 550 buyers at the Liniers Livestock Market.
After the auction all sold animals are marked with a number.
The animals are weighed shortly after the auction to determine the sale weight.

Sweet breads (thymus gland) or kidneys anyone? These were
part of our last meal in Argentina. Yes, many of us did try both!!

Bolas now in hand, Kevin and Connie, made it into Chili! Yes, there is much more
to this story...just ask them about how Connie's purse made a great check bag.

Welcome to Chile!! ReaJean with our Chilean tour guide, Erica.