Monday, January 6, 2014

Sunday Funday

JANUARY 5, 2014

The Wheels on the Bus...

Sunday everyone could relax for the morning. Some chose to walk into the nearby town, others road bicycles a mile down the road to a lake, and still others slept in and relaxed at the hotel. 
Doug and Dawn having a little fun at the local park!

Following lunch we loaded the bus and departed Melincue for a 150 mile bus ride to our next destination, Armeghino. In the Armeghino area the soil types are more sandy being closer to the Pampas. Much of the cattle production has been moved into these lesser productive areas of Argentina.

We stopped to check out some of the equipment on our way
to Ameghino. Here Terry is inspecting a no till planter.
Every two years a new class of SDARL embarks on an 18 month  journey of leadership and personal development to become better advocates for agriculture and rural South Dakota. With each class
comes the support of spouses and family. Here are the spouses on this SDARL Alumni trip.