Friday, January 3, 2014

Prana River Terminal Day

JANUARY 2, 2014

River Terminal Day

Today we traveled to the Rosario area along the shore of the Prana River to Tour the Noble Grain Terminal, one of 30 working terminals along the river. On a typical day during the harvest season months of April, May, and June up to 1000 trucks unload grain at the Noble Terminal. The wait is usually 10 hours during harvest and 2 hours the rest of the year making our waits at local grain elevators and ethanol plants not seem so bad. For more specifics on this terminal, you can visit We had a rainy morning so I do not have many photos form the Nobel Terminal.

Nobel Terminal loading area with three chutes to load grain.

Following the Noble tour we boarded a private boat tour on the Parana River to get a closer look at several grain terminals and transatlantic ship loading. Seventy percent of the total grain and oilseed exports from the country leave through the 30 terminals along the river. 

Getting ready to board the Prana River Terminal tour boat.

A grain terminal along the Prana River.
Here a Panamax ship is at one of the terminals along the Prana River. The depth of the
River allows the large ships to travel up to 300 miles to the Atlantic Ocean. Barges carry
products up to 1300 miles from the countries of Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay.

All smiles enjoying the ride after the rain stopped.
Even cattle are loaded at along the river.

On our way back to our hotel, we traveled through Rosario, the third largest city in Argentina also know as "The Argentine Chicago." This nick name came about between WWI and II when Argentina provided wheat to Europe.  Crop prices are set at the Rosario Board of Trade. Then local farmers must take into account the transportation cost and the export tax to determine their actual cash price.

Old boats hold such character.

Here is a beautiful sunset taken at our resort. 
It looks just like we are back home in South Dakota!!